Bulimia Nervosa

I have a bulimic patient who came for severe inflammation of molar teeth. After reviewing x-rays and
oral exam the patient was diagnosed as bulimia nervosa. She has all molar teeth chipped out and front
teeth eroded. She lost the vertical height of teeth due to lack of enamel surface. I recommended full
mouth crowns to prevent further loss of tooth structure and restore of the esthetics and function. She
understood the treatment plan and said that her husband would not marry to her if he would have
known of her teeth problem. The estimated fee was a huge amount and she mentioned that it was same
as half price of her down payment of her new house purchase.
The frequent vomiting and nutritional deficiencies often associated with eating disorders can severely
affect oral health. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, studies find up to 89 percent
of bulimic patients have signs of tooth erosion, due to the effects of powerful stomach acid. Over time,
this loss of tooth enamel can be considerable, and the teeth change in color, shape and length. They can
also become brittle, translucent and sensitive to temperature. The salivary glands may swell, causing
the jaw to widen and appear squarish. Lips may become reddened, dry and cracked, and the patient
may also experience chronic dry mouth.

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