I have a story of married couple.

When they first came to my office, they were a boyfriend and a girlfriend. They had set up
the appointment together and I had seen one after the other.
When I checked them, I had noticed that they had much plaque and a filthy gum. How
could you kiss each other and spend the time together? I was worried that they would
have such bad breath. I was shocked that such a young couple had managed their oral
hygiene so poorly. The patients were indifferent to this, but I was personally

Above pictures belong to the wife. One is before picture and the other is after cleaning
and tiding up.

She had lowered canine tooth that overlapped with other teeth. I advised her to brush
between the teeth and sue dental floss. I had also recommended orthodontics to
straighten out the teeth so she can brush well. The results are well shown in the
pictures above.

Following pictures show the husband's teeth. One is before picture and the other is after
He had very dense lips that would not fall below the gum line. He had calculus because
he could not brush well. His teeth eventually became very clean after I told him to pull
down the lip when brushing the teeth.

The bacteria that develops periodontitis is contagious. Do you know the surprising fact
that same bacteria can be found with an infant and the mother that causes adult
periodontal disease?
Never use the same spoon that the mother used to feed the baby. There are also instances
when grandmothers use their mouth to shape the rice on a spoon to shape the rice on
spoon to make it easier for babies to take them. Just consider that bacteria that have
been residing in grandmother's mouth for more than 50 years can move into newly born
infant's fresh and fragile mouth.
If the husband had gum disease, would you allow him to kiss the baby? Would it be ok
to kiss the wife? It is contagious… If the wife has gum disease… It gets serious.
The couple was very alike initially. It was a mess.
They are very alike still. They are doing well.
They did not have children in the beginning but now they are with two daughters. These
babies should not have bacteria that cause gum disease with the adults. I cannot say it
is foolproof, but it is what I am wishful of.

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